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Vicki Wells

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As a gifted intuitive, Vicki will guide you along your path with a sense of integrity and compassion that will empower you to make better choices in your world. Assisting people from all walks of life; through all types of situations. With precise and accurate information Vicki is able to transmit and relay messages to those who truly seek to change and evolve.


Today's world can be confusing and complicated, but getting a reading can help you clarify and sort through issues whether they be love related, money/ business, family issues or matters of spirituality.

Through gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy and the tarot, information is accessed on a psychic level and relayed to you in a down to earth manner that is positive and easy to understand. With caring and sensitivity Vicki will give you honest and accurate intuitive advice.

Vicki's readings stand out in that she combines the best of both the spiritual and the mundane. Helping you to understand why you are experiencing a particular situation from a karmic or spiritual standpoint and then advising options for your circumstances. Believing that we are always in control of our own destiny; she can tell you the probable outcome at the time of the reading but more importantly, she will encourage you to make the best possible choices along the way.

Reaching into a place that will inspire you, challenge you, support you and motivate you Vicki will give her all to make sure that you are on the right track.

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