Vicki Wells
Vicki Wells

Vicki has been giving intuitive guidance for 15 years in the United States and Europe. Born on the East coast she has traveled much of the world as well as the United States. She is a natural born psychic with clairvoyant and empathic abilities


Vicki's early years were spent dancing but after a severe back injury she was lead down another path, that of metaphysics. After being told that surgery was the only option, she was determined to heal in her own way without surgery. Her path to healing lead her to study and learn through various modalities. It was a formative time when she discovered how important the mind body connection is and how to honor what our bodies and hearts tell us.

Her work and studies have included tarot, astrology, meditation and guided visualization, 2nd Degree Reiki, numerology, yoga and communication with those in spirit. She has also taught workshops on tarot and meditation.


Vicki's years of working with people from all walks of life have given her a great understanding of human nature as well as compassion for others that allow her to truly guide and serve. With a genuine concern for her clients she has become a trusted advisor and counselor to many.


Accurate with timing and very good at getting to the "why" of a situation. Vicki works quickly so that your reading time will not be wasted with "tuning in”.

Assisting people from all walks of life; through all types of situations, Vicki's psychic readings are informative as much as predictive. Giving you the energy around a particular situation and the most likely outcome given the circumstances. As we all have free will, it is up to you to put into practice actions that will allow you to achieve your goals.


As life is not constant but ever changing, there can be many factors involved in a given situation but with accurate interpretation of energy via clairvoyance, empathy and tarot, it is easy to see potential pitfalls and blocks. If used correctly a reading can help you more clearly navigate some of those blocks.

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