Vicki Wells
Vicki Wells

Here's what people are saying about Vicki Wells.

"I have been getting readings from Vickie Wells since the end of 2005.  The reason I keep going back is she is always at the highest level of integrity, does not ever tell me what I "should" do but always gives me very accurate insights into what is happening both around me and inside me - allowing me to make my decisions whichever way I choose and being emotionally supportive and objective and discrete and kind.  I really like how professional and grounded and caring her readings are.  I could not have made it through many of the days when I called for a phone reading had I not heard her calm and reassuring voice!  I truly value and appreciate her gift." 
                                    - Katherine W.

“As an intuitive counselor, Vicki has provided much needed clarification on major issues for my business as well as my personal life.  My complete trust in her is based on the accuracy of her predictions.  I highly recommend her if you need to know more about your business, your life, your relationships!”   
                                     - Hilda S.

"Vicki is amazingly gifted. She is warm and understanding. Her readings reflect that she truly cares for her clients and their concerns. Whenever she has read for me, her guidance has been invaluable in helping me make difficult decision and even to challenge myself to grow."                                           

                                      -Anne A.

"I have been blessed to have Vicki's guidance in my life for over five years. As a very spiritual person I seek to look within myself and connect with the spiritual world. Vicki has been such a positive influence and guide to help me along my path. She always delivers her messages honestly and in such a way that even when the news isn't something I would prefer to hear, I am able to feel peaceful at the end of our session because of her ability to convey the messages in a simple and thoughtful way. Over the years I have experienced Vicki's abilities as increasingly becoming stronger and more precise. I always ask her to share with me what she's intuiting before I ask questions. She always picks up on my place of mind and energy. I would rate her accuracy as 90%. Others I have referred to her have told me they've also had powerful and accurate readings as well. I have had readings with many intuitives over the years and Vicki is without a doubt my "go to gal" and will continue to be as long as she is providing readings." 
                                       - Barbara

"Vicki has been reading for me for over a year now. She is clear, concise and gets to the point. She is accurate and tells it like it is. I appreciate her straight up readings, especially when asking about a new person I’ve met. It keeps me from wasting time."  
                                            - L.R.

"After many years of trying to find a good psychic, I found Vicky.  Vicky is truly a gift!!! She has deep insight and has helped me find feasible solutions with my most pressing problems. She gives straight forward answers and does not phish. My life is so much better because of Vicky. She has been very accurate over the years, and I will continue to see her for years to come."

                                           - A.B.

"I really appreciate Vicki's positive energy, kind nature, support and flexibility.  She is always there for me.  She really makes the most of ones time and money.  Vicki guides the reading along in a quick and productive format, so that you get the most bang for your buck.  No time consuming, empty chit chat with irrelevant information.  She really cares, which is refreshing.  I consider her one of my angels and feel blessed to know her."                                                       - CW

"I have dealt with my share of psychics and I must say that Vickie is the most gifted and talented individual in this arena that I have ever met. She has helped me in all areas of my life including work, relationships, pets. Vickie is very professional and covers a lot of ground within each reading. The accuracy in the details of events, predictions, and timing are amazing! But most importantly she is honest and trustworthy. If you are searching for answers in your life, guidance in making important decisions or even help with your own furry friends, you have found the right person."

"My experiences with Vicki have been remarkable. For starters, she is always a positive, upbeat, open and sensitive. I have called Vicki over the years for questions that span the gamut from career, relationships, love or lackthereof. I have asked Vicki hundreds of questions and she has been a huge help to me.
When I don't know what to trust and feeling confused between reality and my intuition, I call Vicki for clarity and I am never ever disappointed. She provides straight answers with clarity and love, her feedback is always helpful and healing. Even when the news isn't what I want to hear (or think it's not what I want to hear) I always feel so much better after a consultation, because I know I am hearing the truth.
Vicki's readings are accurate and straight forward, she is incredibly fast and packs a lot of information in a short period of time. On occasion I will stumble upon my notes written during a reading, months or weeks later, and her accuracy is truly incredible. Often times, the information is even more incredible in hindsight! I highly recommend Vicki for anyone who is seeking some clarity or guidance, she is truly an amazing and talented spirit!"
                                        - Megan M.

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